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Trinity Trailer Eagle Bridge

Conveyor Trailer

  • Price: Call for price
  • Unsurpassed design gives it the highest resale value in the industry, giving owners the best possible return on investment
  • Versatile, strong, lightweight, flexible, unloads faster, and is easy to maintain for the best conveyor trailer on the market
  • Frameless steel trailer design allows the trailer to flex and twist on rough, uneven ground to keep from cracking. It can twist up to 36° longitudinally, and is designed for several thousand oscillations. Competitors' rigid aluminum trailers just don't have the same strength and flexibility.
  • Much lighter than any of our competitors, allowing for much heavier payloads
  • The shape of the Trinity Trailer bin holds more cubic feet of materials, allowing you to carry more in each load
  • Fast, easy unload, with newest 48 inch (1.22 m) conveyor belt unloading in less than 4 minutes, without needing to be swept or scraped of sticky products afterwards
  • Choice of three different 16 gauge steel combinations:
    • Carbon steel construction: cheaper than stainless steel, and costs equivalent to a standard aluminum trailer. Trinity paints these with the most corrosion resistant process possible, starting with a similar epoxy coating to that used on offshore refineries and ship hulls, and finishing with a tough top coat that is flexible and chemical/stain resistant. In addition, the inside is coated with a protective tar epoxy to protect against rust even on the inside
    • Painted stainless steel: All parts are protected by Trinity's protective paint process, though the inside protective tar epoxy is not required. The body sheets, rear door sheet, and inside top rail are stainless steel, while the side frames, ribs, strips, suspension, king pin, rear door frame, landing legs/ braces and suspensions pans are carbon steel. Stainless steel resists corrosion far better than even painted carbon steel or aluminum, and with the stainless steel body, all parts in contact with the payload are safe even for corrosive loads.
    • Stainless steel: With the side frames, ribs, strips, all body sheets, rear door sheet and both top rails all made of unpainted stainless steel, it's easy to keep your trailers looking good without having to worry much about maintenance. Stainless steel resists corrosion far better than even painted carbon steel or aluminum. The remaining king pin, suspension, rear door frame, landing legs, braces, suspension pans and rib channels over suspension are carbon steel and protected by the Trinity paint process are comparatively easy to maintain.
  • No concealed cavities or compartments where ice or mud could build up to add weight and reduce payload capacity
  • Conveyor trailers simply work better than shuffle or dump trailers.
    • Corrosion on shuffle floors cost a great deal to replace, and there's enough nooks and crannies that you just have to either sweep the floor or cover it with a tarp every time. Furthermore, it takes over twice as long to unload than Trinity's quick conveyor system.
    • Dump trailers require a stable surface, limiting where you can dump. Not only that, but the cylinder housing attracts dirt and leftover payload, increasing the risk of tip-over.
  • Unloading system:
    • Overlapping chain and flap design grips the material for fast unloading
    • Trailers empty quickly and safely into a compact pile
    • Crossbars are the strongest in the industry, allowing up to 35 tons of payload
    • Low friction plastic liner makes unloading even faster by helping prevent product adhesion. They also serve to protect the trailer body for longer life and insulate the product from the heat or cold.
    • PTO unload: Pressure and return hydraulic hoses are installed to the front of the trailer with quick couplers. A variable speed adjustable flow control valve with gauge allows for easy unloading.
    • Electric unload system: A 5-h.p., single-phase, 220-volt electric motor is directly coupled to a hydraulic pump. A three-phase electric motoris optional.
    • Gasoline unload system: An extremely reliable, long life, 18-h.p., electric start gas engine is directly coupled to a hydraulic pump.
  • Eagle Bridge trailers come in a huge variety of sizes:
    • Length: 42, 45, 48, 49, 50, 53 feet (12.80, 13.72, 14.63, 14.94, 15.24, 16.15 m)
    • Width: 96, 102 inches (2.44, 2.59 m)
    • Belt width: 25, 31, 36, 41, 48, 61 inches (64, 79, 91, 104, 122, 155 cm)
    • Sidewall height: 24, 27, 29, 34, 41 inches (61, 69, 74, 86, 104 cm)
    • Optional extension height: 12, 18, 24, 30, 34, 36, 46, 48 inches (30, 46, 61, 76, 86, 91, 117, 122 cm)
    • Not all options are mutually compatible.
  • Tandem to quad axles available, in various configurations
  • You have many doors to choose from:
    • 'Spud' door: Popular on the narrow-bottom trailers, this door consists of a flip-up bottom half and a fold-down upper. This fold down upper enables a piler to extend into the interior of the trailer and is available in your choice of plywood, sheet metal, or expanded metal.
    • Top hinge door: This door is hinged at the top of the trailer. A simple-to-operate pneumatic latch holds the door closed. Hydraulic cylinders hold the door open as the payload is discharged.
    • Top hinge door with slide-up option: This door is hinged at the top of the trailer. A simple-to-operate pneumatic latch holds the door closed. A hydraulic cylinder holds the door open as the payload is discharged. Our slide-up door features a smaller opening, which enables precise control of payload flow, as well as optimal sealing capability. This option is ideal for higher moisture products.
    • Offset top hinge door: This door is hinged at the top and is designed to provide additional clearance and convenient unloading. It functions the same as our top hinge door.
    • Full swing slide-up door with hydraulic operation: Our slide-up door features a smaller opening, which enables precise control of payload flow, as well as optimal sealing capability. It is ideal for unloading into a conveyor or auger and also swings to the full open position for even greater flexibility. This option is ideal for products with high moisture content. (Manual and hydraulic operation available).
    • Full-swing flip-up door with hydraulic or manual operation: Our most popular rear door features a two-way opening. The lower section lifts up, allowing the entire door to swing out to the open position. Our flip-up door meets a wide variety of needs. It opens quickly and easily and features a grain-tight seal.
    • Fold-down door / side extensions: Available in 11' sections in a variety of heights. Makes side loading easier.
  • Optional:
    • Funnel
    • Pintle hook package
    • Catwalk with ladder
    • Catwalk with grab handle
    • Rear spotlights
    • PUPS
    • Full width front mud flaps
    • Front seal
    • Seepage containment
    • 15 gallon containment system
    • Front walkway with ladder
    • Gas engine unload with enclosure
    • Removable front belt cover
    • Super single tires
    • Electric unload 5 HP
    • New options added at customer request
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