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East Aluminum Frame Genesis

Dump Trailer

  • Price: Call for price
  • Premium grade 5083, 5454, and 6061-T6 aluminum allows give you tremendously strong yield strengths, without the weight and corrosion that plagues steel trailers
  • East trailers are carefully designed and manufactured to save you money on repair and downtime, for long-term profitability
  • Cross-members and floor plates interlock into the bottom rub rail, which in turn forms a pocket to accept the side walls, for a super strong floor-to-wall attachment joint that doesn't catch on detritus
  • Genesis™ patented smooth side walls are stronger than traditional sheet and post
    • Double-wall panels are 2 inches (5 cm) thick
    • Internal ribs every 3 inches (8 cm) offer 8 times more wall support than traditional external posts every 25 inches (64 cm)
    • Continuously welded vertical panels resist side bow, and are easily repaired
    • Double-wall design protects the outer wall from dents, improving resale value
    • Vertical panels are lighter than competitive horizontal panel systems, resist bowing better, and are much less expensive to repair if damaged
    • The entire integrated trailer body resists weight shifting and twisting that can lead to tipping, improving dump cycle stability
    • Optional thicker aluminum in higher wear areas, like the inside last 4 feet (1.2 m) of the trailer
    • Smooth side walls can be left polished, or can serve as the base for company names, logos, and attention-getting graphics for cheap advertising
  • Optional lightweight smooth-walled tailgate leaves nowhere for dirt, mud, snow, or ice to build up
  • Five cross-member designs for longer floor life
    • Solid-box design extruded cross-members maximize support under floor seams
    • Remaining U-shaped cross-members have special contact point flanges for extra support, and position welds away from high-stress areas
  • Chassis cross-members are bolted, rather than welded, to allow the assembly the flexibility to give under normal stress and vibrations, yet still maintain a positive connection
  • Full height and width cross-members at all suspension hangers to prevent cracking of I-beam bottom flange and web
  • Dump hinge shoe is crafted from hardened ductile steel, with twin grease valleys machined inside for easy 360° lube around the pin, for long life
  • Strong, unified bulkhead design wraps around the sides, back to the third cross member, transferring the hoist load to the side walls, reducing stress and aids air flow for greater longevity and fuel efficiency
  • Reinforced hoist well support reduces body twist
  • Wired for protection
    • Sealed wire harness enclosed in water-resistant rear panel
    • Water-tight conduit and sealed beam lamps complete the system, resulting in fewer corrosion-related lightning problems
  • Tough tailgate hardware
    • Top hinges, bottom hook, and latch bolt on for easy replacement
    • Anti-corrosive coating and shims protect steel-to-aluminum connections
  • Seamless hoist base assembly reduces cracking
  • Patented 'quiet-ride' rubber pads are affixed to each body cross-member to reduce noise and wear
  • Optional East Lite-Ride™ integrated weld-on aluminum suspension hanger is 150 pounds lighter than steel and rust-free
  • Chassis is constructed from one-piece I-beams, resulting in fewer welds and joints than a fabricated beam, for a stronger chassis
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