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Wirtgen W 150

Cold Milling Machine

  • Price: Call for price
  • Intermediate between the W 100 F and the W 1900, for those jobs too large for a small milling machine and too small and cramped for a large one
  • Operation by only one person simplifies handling and cuts production costs
  • Small size and low weight allow you to transport the W 150 easily, usually without even any special permits.
  • Fully equipped and ergonomic operator's platform
    • The small number of clearly structured control elements are arranged within comfortable reach of the machine operator
    • Frequently used functions have been integrated into the right-hand armrest
    • All controls and displays face towards the machine operator
    • A multi-functional display keeps the driver informed on the machine's operating status in a non-ambiguous fashion.
    • Lockable covers protect the control panel and the machine from damage
    • Wirtgen's proprietary levelling system is simple and easy to operate
    • Target and actual values for the milling depths left and right, and for the cross slope, are displayed continuously.
    • Target values are easily pre-programmed, saved via the system's memory function, and retrieved as required
    • Different types of sensors like, for instance, the wire-rope sensor or the slope sensor, can be selected or deselected during the milling operation and as when required
    • A wire-rope sensor can additionally be selected for scanning the surface in front of the milling drum
    • The levelling mode with related sensors can be called up at any time during the milling operation
    • The LEVEL PRO controller is located inside the machine, safe from any damage
  • WIDRIVE intelligently links all machine functions
    • The machine manages numerous commands that on other machines have to be directly carried out by the operator
    • Intelligently manages:
      • Diesel engine
      • Milling drum drive
      • Travel drive
      • Conveyor drive
      • Water system
      • 4-fold full-floating system
      • LEVEL PRO levelling system
      • Control system
  • Powerful diesel engine is big in performance, yet low in fuel consumption
  • Operator's platform
    • Full view of the milling edge as operator remains seated with the machine's 'wasp waist'
    • Can be accessed from the left or right via stable, fold-down ladders
    • Individually adjustable driver's seat permits the machine operator to always find his preferred seating position
  • Ingenious 4-fold full-floating system allows the W 150 to rise above any obstacles in its way
    • All four tracks are individually suspended from the machine, enabling each crawler track to be adjusted to its optimum height automatically
    • 4-fold full-floating system with the machine control system permits the crawler track to adjust to any given ground condition dynamically so that the machine always travels parallel to the carriageway without manual adjustments
    • Ensures permanent, uniform traction and enables them to precisely maintain the the pre-selected working depth
    • Machine movements are reduced significantly when driving over large obstacles or over the milling edge
    • The difference in height between the crawler tracks is compensated for quickly when driving over obstacles or out of the milled truck
    • An additional, automatically engaging flow divider guarantees uniform traction even on irregular or slippery surfaces
  • Superior maneuverability
    • Despite being in the large milling machine class performance wise, the W 150's maneuverability is unsurpassed
    • Capable of milling highly precise narrow bends in just one machine pass
    • Automatic tracking of rear axle coordinates the steering angles of the machine's front and rear axles
    • Turning maneuvers are no problem thanks to the machine's compact dimensions and large steering angles
    • Crab steering permits the machine to approach the milled track from the side without requiring time-consuming maneuvers
    • Travel speed is continuously adjustable in both milling and travel gears, with the engine speed being readjusted in accordance with the speed of the machine
  • Machine is fully equipped for an incredible variety of jobs
    • Optimum toolholder arrangement on the milling drum ensures a high-quality milling texture even in the peripheral areas
    • The proven tool arrangement on the milling drum guarantees low wear and tear, as well as excellent running smoothness
    • The W 150 accommodates drum assemblies of 3 feet 11 inches (1.20 m), 4 feet 3 inches (1.30 m) or 4 feet 9 inches (1.50 m) milling width, with a wide variety of drum assemblies available to choose from for tasks from complete removal of the pavement structures to fine milling the surface for a new top layer
    • Optional: Flexible Cutter System
  • Replacing tools made as simple and easy as possible
    • The milling drum provides good access to for the replacement of cutting tools once the scraper blade has been raised
    • Cutting tools are replaced swiftly using standard tools
    • A convenient, automatic drum turning device facilitates work on the milling drum
    • The patented quick-changed toolholder system HT 11 banishes welding from the site
  • Sophisticated milling drum assembly protects the milling chamber hydraulically
    • The side plates and scraper blade effectively seal off the milling chamber in working position
    • Unlike continuous wearing strips, the wear-resistant carbide metal plates on the scraper blade can be replaced individually
    • The water spray system can be engaged separately. It reduces cutting tool wear and tear as well as retarding the formation of dust during the milling operating
    • The large, easily refillable water tank permits extended milling intervals and reduces stoppages
  • Designed for maximum efficiency at handling loads of milled asphalt material
    • Short primary conveyor picks up the milled material in the milling chamber, and quickly conveyors it to the wide, powerful discharge conveyor
    • High, sturdy ribs on the discharge conveyor prevent material congestion
    • Adjustable speed conveyor maximizes the amount of material that can go at a time
    • Discharge conveyor can be adjusted in height and slewed to either side, allowing it to adapt to individual site conditions
  • Easily maintained
    • Hydraulically opening engine cowling gives free access to all points of maintenance and inspection
    • Comprehensive tool kit is kept within easy reach in spacious, lockable compartments
    • Lubrication and service points have been grouped together for faster maintenance
    • Quick and easy filter replacement underneath the engine cowling
    • Easily accessible and clearly labelled hydraulic connections at the valve distributor block
  • The W 150 fits onto all normal low-bed trailers, without requiring special permits
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