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Wirtgen W 2200

Cold Milling Machine

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  • Road milling machine with mechanically driven milling drum and a two-stage front loading conveyor system, which can be adjusted in height and slewed to both sides.
  • Travels on crawler tracks
  • Cutting width: 87 inches
  • Cutting depth: 13.7 inches
  • Operating speed: 0 - 180 fpm
  • Shipping weight: 89,000 pounds
  • Engine: Cat 3412
  • Horsepower: 900
  • Conveyor: Front
  • Propulsion: 4-track
  • Chassis:
    • Robust welded structure with mounts for the individual units and superstructures
    • Water and diesel tanks are integrated into the chassis
    • Hydraulic fluid tank forms a separate unit
    • The hydraulically opening engine cowling, wide opening servicing doors left and right, and optimum arrangement of the individual components ensure easy access for maintenance and servicing
  • Operator's platform
    • Walk-through operator's platform with access ladders left and right is located at the center of the machine
    • It is equipped with two control consoles which can be pivoted and adjusted in height
    • Both control consoles and driver's seats can be shifted sideways beyond the edge of the machine
    • The operating elements are located within easy reach and within the operator's field of vision
    • The display of the Wirtgen information and diagnosis system is located at the center of the operator's platform to allow monitoring of the operating status of the machine
    • The ergonomic sitting position, clear overview, and elastically supported footboard of the operator's platform help to make the operation of the machine simple and convenient
    • Steering and advance speed are governed by means of proportional control and operated via joysticks
  • Wirtgen information and diagnosis system and instruments
    • The Wirtgen information and diagnosis system WIDIS 32 provides the driver with quick and comprehensive information on the current status of the engine and the hydraulic system, generating visual and audible alarms, if necessary
    • Data and messages are indicated on a multi-functional display (LC display) that is located at the center of the operator's platform
      • Operating hours
      • Engine speed
      • Filling level of the diesel engine
    • The pressures in the hydraulic system are additionally monitored by two pressure gauges which indicate the current pressures in twelve different areas of the hydraulic system
    • The air filter and filters of the hydraulic system are monitored electrically
  • Power unit:
    • The cold milling machine is driven by a modern V12 engine with a power rating of 671 kW
    • Engine complies with the stringent requirements of the exhaust emission standards stipulated by the US EPA, Tier II
    • Engine is equipped with a fully electronic engine management system, which allows the engine to automatically adapt to varying ambient conditions, such as changing atmospheric pressure, temperature, or humidity
    • Engine offers maximum torque stability even at extreme engine loads, thus preventing breaks in operation
    • An extremely large cooler surface effectively cools the engine, thus allowing the safe operation of the machine even at high outside temperatures. The cooling system is additionally equipped with a fan controller. The fan speed is reduced at low ambient temperatures or low loads, reducing the noise emission levels
  • Soundproofing: Noise levels are reduced by the standard soundproofing, which also protects both the operators and the surroundings against any nuisance due to noise
  • Milling drum drive:
    • Driven mechanically by the diesel engine via a mechanical clutch and power belts acting on the drum gearbox
    • Three power belts with five ribs each ensure optimum transmission of the power due to their width, and have a long service life
    • Constant tension of the power belts is automatically maintained by a hydraulic cylinder
  • Milling drum:
    • The milling drum operates in an up-milling direction
    • Toolholders accommodating the point attack cutters are welded onto the body of the drum
    • Special edge segments ensure a clean sharp cut at the edges
    • Additional ejectors ensure that the milled material is efficiently transferred to the primary conveyor
    • If the milled material is to remain on the ground, a flap at the scraper blade ensures that it is deposited between the crawler tracks
    • Optional: The patented and established quick change toolholder system allows quick replacement. The bottom parts of the toolholders are welded onto the drum body and the upper parts secured to the bottom parts by retaining bolts, minimizing downtime
  • Cutting tool replacement:
    • The scraper blade opens hydraulically to permit easy access to the milling drum for the replacement of cutting tools, which can be carried out in a comfortable working position
    • Sufficient depositing space for the cutting tool containers is provided at both rear crawler tracks.
  • Crawler track units/Height adjustment of the machine
    • The crawler tracks are suspended from the chassis by means of cylindrical columns with hydraulic height adjustment
    • The height of each crawler track can be adjusted individually
    • The milling depth is set via the two front columns, while the rear crawler tracks act as a full floating axle
    • The large stroke provides a large ground clearance, thus facilitating even difficult maneuvers, such as reversing in the milled track or loading the machine onto a low-bed trailer
  • Travel drive:
    • The milling machine is equipped with large crawler tracks (type 5-HD)
    • Each crawler track is driven by its own hydraulic motor
    • The crawler tracks are equipped with polyurethane track pads as a standard feature
    • The travel drive motors are fed by a common hydraulic variable displacement pump
    • The desired tension of the crawler tracks is set and maintained hydraulically
    • The crawler tracks are driven automatically, thus dispensing with the need to change between milling and travel gear
    • The speed can be infinitely varied from zero to the high maximum speed
    • A switchable hydraulic flow divider acts as differential lock and ensures uniform traction even under difficult conditions
    • Any speed once driven can be saved in a Tempomat speed control and reset, for instance, after changing trucks
  • Automatic power control: The machine is equipped with an automatic power control which governs the advance speed in accordance to the engine load, but can also be deactivated
  • Steering:
    • The machine has a finger-light hydraulic all-track steering system, which can be operated from both the right and left side of the operator's platform
    • It is governed by means of proportional control, and the front and rear tracks are steered separately via joysticks
    • The steering function is detached from the height adjustment by specially designed steering rings
    • Tight locking angles permit an extremely small turning clearance circle
    • Four track steering:
      • The following steering modes can be pre-selected:
        • Crab steering
        • Coordinated steering
        • Straight-ahead steering for the rear crawler tracks
      • Rear crawler tracks can be positioned to zero automatically
  • Brake system:
    • Braking is achieved by the self-locking hydrostatic transmission
    • Additionally equipped with two automatic multiple-disk parking brakes at the front
  • Loading the milling material
    • Loading of the milled material from the milling chamber on trucks is effected to the front (front loading) by means of a conveyor system which consists of a primary conveyor and a discharge conveyor
    • A gradation control beam largely prevents the asphalt from breaking into large slabs and simultaneously protects the primary conveyor against premature wear and tear. The discharge conveyor can load trucks from a great height, is height adjustable and can be slewed to both sides, thus always allowing an optimum adaptation to the conditions prevailing on site. The high conveying speed and the generously dimensioned, 3 feet 3 inches wide, V-ribbed steep-incline belts ensure that the material is quickly removed from the drum housing
    • The discharge conveyor is covered to prevent clouds of dust from being blown away by the wind and causing a nuisance. The design of the conveyor system allows an easy replacement of belts
  • Milling depth control and automatic levelling system:
    • The milling machine is equipped with an electronic automatic levelling system to control the milling depth. It is governed by means of proportional control, meaning that changes in the height of the reference plane are compensated quickly and without overshooting of the machine
    • The reference planes can be scanned by various methods, for instance, by a wire-rope sensor at the side plates, an ultrasonic sensor on the existing road surface, a grade line in combination with rotary transducers, or a plane formed by lasers. Optional slope control sensor is available, with the necessary connections included as a standard feature
    • Optional Multiplex system can also be integrated into the automatic levelling system as an equipment option. It is an equalizing system for longitudinal leveling
  • Hydraulic system:
    • Independent hydraulic systems for travel drive, conveyor belts, cooler fan drive, water spray system, and setting functions (cylinders)
    • Hydraulic pumps are driven by the diesel engine via a splitter gearbox
    • The entire system is filtered via a return flow suction filter
    • The oil for the setting functions (all cylinders) is additionally passed through a pressure filter
  • Electrical system: 24 V electrical system with starter, 3-phase alternator and two 12 V batteries, as well as socket outlets for lamps
  • Water spray system:
    • A hydraulically operated water system cools the point-attack cutting tools during milling, thus considerably extending their service life
    • Spray also largely prevents the formation of dust clouds
    • The spray nozzles can be removed for cleaning
    • Refilling is required only occasionally due to the generously dimensioned water tank
  • Filling:
    • Water is filled via a C-pipe connection or a large filling port.
    • Diesel fuel is filled via a large filling port.
  • Safety features:
    • The cold milling machine can be securely lashed onto a low-bed trailer or loaded by crane with the aid of the lashing lugs permanently attached to the machine
    • A powerful horn and the comprehensive working and safety lights, together with a freely positionable lamp with magnetic pedestal, provide sufficient illumination, thus ensuring that the machine can be operated safely, even in inclement weather
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