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Wirtgen W 35

Cold Milling Machine

  • Price: Call for price
  • Compact three-wheeled machine with front-wheel drive and mechanical milling drum drive
  • Cutting width: 14 inches
  • Cutting depth: 2.4 inches
  • Operating speed: 0 - 82 fpm
  • Shipping weight: 6,851 pounds
  • Engine: Deutz F3M 2011
  • Horsepower: 42.5
  • Conveyor: No
  • Propulsion: Wheel
  • Chassis:
    • Robust welded structure with mounts for the individual units and superstructures as well as bolt-on tanks for hydraulic oil and water
    • All components are readily accessible for maintenance and servicing
    • Optional supplementary weights (total approx. 1,808 pounds) increase the traction when milling hard pavements
    • The weights are mounted in a drawer system and can be added individually
  • Operator's stand
    • The operator's stand is positioned above the milling drum unit, thus providing a very good view to the front of the milling drum.
    • Optional: The footboard with safety cutout can be supplemented by a stand-up seat
    • The controls are conveniently located within easy reach
  • Drive unit: The machine is driven by a 4-cylinder diesel engine meeting the stringent emission standards EPA II in force in the USA
  • Soundproofing: Noise levels are reduced by the standard soundproofing, which also protects both the operators and the surroundings against any nuisance due to noise
  • Milling drum:
    • The milling drum is positioned on the rear right side of the machine and works in an up-milling direction
    • Toolholders accommodating the round-shank cutters are welded onto the body of the drum
    • Several different milling drums are available for special jobs, such as for removing road markings
  • Tool changes: The milling drum can easily be reached for tool changes via a drum door which opens wide with automatic safety cutout for the engine
  • Suspension:
    • The rear wheels are designed as supporting wheels with individual suspension
    • The right-hand rear wheel can be swivelled in front of the milling drum to improve the side clearance
  • Travel drive:
    • The front wheel is driven by a hydraulic motor
    • The advance speed is infinitely variable in both gears
  • Steering: The machine is equipped with finger-light hydraulic steering system
  • Brake system:
    • Braking is achieved by drag from the hydrostatic travel drive (closed circuit)
    • The machine is additionally equipped with an automatic spring braking system in the travel drive
  • Milling depth adjustment: The milling depth is adjusted via the hydraulic height adjustment units at the rear. The set values can be read from scales left and right and can be adjusted by means of a limit stop
  • Hydraulic system: Separate hydraulic systems for travel drive and control functions with ultrafine filters and coolers.
  • Electrical system:
    • 24 V system with 3-phase alternator and two 12 V batteries, starter, socket outlet, and acoustic horn, readily accessible
    • Emergency OFF switch and complete working lights
  • Water spray system: The system sprays water into the milling drum chamber, avoiding the amount of dust generated and reducing cutter wear. The spray nozzles can be removed without difficulty for cleaning
  • Safety during transport: Safe retaining lugs for securing the machine on a low-bed trailer or for loading the machine by crane.
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