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Wirtgen W 100

Cold Milling Machine

  • Price: Call for price
  • Road milling machine with mechanically driven milling drum and conveyor system
  • All wheel drive
  • Cutting width: 39.3 inches
  • Cutting depth: 12 inches
  • Operating speed: 0 - 99 fpm
  • Shipping weight: 29,762 pounds
  • Engine: Deutz TCD 2012 L06 2V
  • Horsepower: 208
  • Conveyor: Back
  • Propulsion: Hydraulic/Wheel (3 or 4)
  • Chassis:
    • Robust welded structure with mounts for the individual function modules
    • Tank for diesel fuel integrated into the chassis
    • Individual components are optimally arranged for readily accessibility for maintenance and servicing
  • Operator's platform
    • Located at the rear of the machine
    • Comfortable sitting position combined with ergonomically arranged operating elements allows the driver to operate the machine without fatiguing, and ensures a clear overview of the machine
    • Drivers seat can be moved backwards and forwards, and also sideways beyond the right-hand edge of the machine
    • Steering wheel can similarly be adjusted to ensure an optimum working position for every user
    • The operating elements are conveniently located within easy reach and within the driver's field of vision
    • The most important controls are located in the right armrest
    • Locking covers on the operating elements protect the machine against vandalism
  • Power unit:
    • The cold milling machine is driven by a modern 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine with electronic controller
    • Diesel engine is elastically mounted to reduce noise levels and vibrations.
    • All maintenance work can be carried out from one machine side
    • The engine complies with the stringent requirements of the exhaust emission standards stipulated by the US EPA, Tier III
  • Soundproofing: Noise levels are reduced by the standard soundproofing, which also protects both the operators and the surroundings against any nuisance due to noise
  • Milling drum drive:
    • Driven mechanically by the diesel engine via a mechanical clutch, and angular transmission and power belts acting on the drum gearbox
    • Power belts ensure optimum transmission of the power, damp any impacts, and protect the other units against overloading
    • Constant tension of the power belts is automatically maintained by a hydraulic cylinder
  • Milling drum:
    • The milling drum is located between the rear wheel sand operates in an up-milling direction
    • Toolholders accommodating the point attack cutters are welded onto the body of the drum
    • Tools are optimally arranged to ensure smooth operation of the machine
    • Optional: The patented and established quick change toolholder system allows quick replacement. The bottom parts of the toolholders are welded onto the drum body and the upper parts secured to the bottom parts by retaining bolts, minimizing downtime
    • Optional: Flexible Cutter System (FCS) allows milling drums to be rapidly changed up to a milling width of 3 feet 3 inches
  • Cutting tool replacement:
    • The scraper blade opens hydraulically and the side plates can be locked in the upper position to permit easy access to the milling drum for the replacement of cutting tools
    • The power belts are slackened automatically to facilitate the replacement of cutting tools, as the drum can then be turned easily
    • Storage compartments near the ladder provide sufficient space for cutting tool containers
  • Running gear:
    • The machine is steered via the full floating front axle.
    • The rear wheels are suspended individually and designed as supporting wheels
    • The right-hand rear wheel can be manually (or optionally hydraulically swivelled) in front of the milling drum by the driver without leaving his platform to improve the side clearance
  • Travel drive:
    • Four separately driven wheels
    • The travel drive motors are fed by a hydraulic variable displacement pump
    • The travel speed can be adjusted from zero to the maximum milling speed in all three milling gears
    • It can also be varied from zero to maximum travel speed in travel gear
    • Hydraulic flow divider acts as differential lock ensuring uniform traction.
  • Steering:
    • The machine is equipped with a finger-light hydraulic steering system
    • Extremely small turning clearance circles are obtained by the exceedingly tight locking angles
  • Brake system:
    • Braking is achieved by drag from the hydrostatic travel drive
    • Additionally equipped with an automatic spring-loaded braking system in the travel drive gearboxes of both rear wheels
  • Loading the milling material
    • Clean loading of the milled material is ensured by means of a scraper blade. Carbide segments on the edges of the scraper blade ensure a long service life
    • The scraper blade can be locked at the required height if the material is to be milled right down to the gravel course. In addition, it can also be adjusted so that the milled trench can be refilled or part of the reclaimed material loaded on trucks
    • The loading conveyor received the milled material from the milling drum and delivers it to the waiting truck via a wide conveyor system
    • By means of a special coupling device, the conveyor can be mounted and dismounted quickly
    • The loading conveyor can be adjusted in height and slewed to both sides. The material is transported reliably and safely by the V-ribbed belt
    • The conveyor belt is covered to prevent the formation of dust clouds. The belt speed can be infinitely adjusted
  • Milling depth adjustment and automatic level control
    • The milling depth is set via hydraulic height adjustment of the rear drive units
    • The suspensions can be conveniently adjusted in height independently of one another from the driver's seat
    • The set values are indicated on separate height indicators
    • This feature permits simple and accurate production of wedged cuts
    • Optional: Automatic level control scans a reference plane and adjusts the height accordingly
  • Hydraulic system:
    • The hydraulic systems for travel drive, loading conveyor, and actuators are mutually independent
    • Hydraulic pumps are driven by the diesel engine via a power take-off, thus permitting a highly compact design
    • All the oil in the system is filtered by return line suction filters
    • It is cooled by the hydraulic fluid cooler integrated into the engine oil cooler
  • Electrical system: 24 V electrical system with starter, 3-phase alternator and two 12 V batteries
  • Water spray system: The formation of dust clouds during the milling process is largely prevented by an electrically operated water spray system which also cools the point attack tools, thus considerably extending their service life. The spray nozzles can be removed without difficulty for cleaning.
  • Filling:
    • Water is filled via a C-pipe connection or a large filling port.
    • Diesel fuel is filled via a large filling port.
  • Safety features:
    • The cold milling machine can be securely lashed onto a low-bed trailer or loaded by crane (cross beam) with the aid of the lashing lugs permanently attached to the machine
    • The machine features the GS mark (Geprüfte Sicherheit = Tested Safety) of the Employers' Liability Insurance Association and the CE mark
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