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Rosco RA-2000

Pothole Patcher

  • Price: Call for price
  • Utilize a two-man crew efficiently and reduce material costs with the maneuverable trailer-mounted spray patching unit.
  • Government studies prove that spray patching is the most durable and economical way to patch
  • All weather spray patcher repairs potholes, alligator cracking, and road erosion in temperatures as low as 0° F.
  • Pressurized delivery system minimizes maintenance with only one moving parts
  • Operator-controlled engine throttle, aggregate flow, flush activate, signal horn, and emulsion flow
  • Operator positioned well away from the spray nozzle with boom's adjustable suspension system to ease operator effort.
  • Operator controls the unit from either side of the articulated boom, which has a working radius of 17 feet to maximize patching efficiently
  • Sound suppression system surrounding the engine reduces noise for operator and those around him
  • High volume blower unit
    • Provides 850 cfm force to remove dust, water, dirt, or debris from repair area.
    • Equipped with a suppression muffler for quiet operation
    • 876 CFM at 1 PSI and 2350 RPM
  • Emulsion tank and heating system
    • Pressurized 300 gallon emulsion tank is largest in the industry
    • 12 inch load hatch
    • Emulsion coolant maintains constant correct emulsion temperature
    • Electric/water heating: 180° F consistent heat
    • 4500 dual heating elements
    • Overnight tank heating system lets you plug unit into 110V outlet and set thermostat to desired temperature for overnight heating and fast morning starts
  • Gravity feed aggregate hopper and jet feed system
  • Flush tank and cleanout system with a 9.5 gallon capacity
  • 3-piece articulated boom suspension system with a working range of 17 feet
  • Cummins 85 HP engine
  • 24 gallon fuel reservoir capacity
  • Dimensions:
    • Weight: 6,000 pounds
    • Length: 15 feet, 8 inches
    • Width: 8 feet
    • Height: 7 feet
  • Rear electronic control and gauge panel
  • External contents gauge and dial thermometer
  • Light and strobe package
  • Optional:
    • Crack filling attachment
    • Arrow board
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