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Petersen has 50 years of experience in building knuckleboom loaders, and it shows. Because they focus solely on building trash and citrus loaders, they bring you the best possible quality, that other, less focused companies just can't match. Petersen manufactures almost all its own equipment for the highest possible quality control, giving you the reliability and quality that you desire.
 Petersen BL-3   Petersen BL-3   Lightning Loader  Call for price  
 Petersen CP-3   Petersen CP-3   Container Transport  Call for price  
 Petersen DL-3   Petersen DL-3   Lightning Loader  Call for price  
 Petersen HL-3   Petersen HL-3   Lightning Loader  Call for price  
 Petersen PL-3   Petersen PL-3   Lightning Loader  Call for price  
 Petersen RL-3   Petersen RL-3   Lightning Loader  Call for price  
 Petersen RS-3   Petersen RS-3   Lightning Loader  Call for price  
 Petersen SL-3   Petersen SL-3   Lightning Loader  Call for price  
 Petersen TBH   Petersen TBH   Body  Call for price  
 Petersen TBS   Petersen TBS   Body  Call for price  
 Petersen TL-3   Petersen TL-3   Lightning Loader  Call for price  
 Petersen TT2   Petersen TT2   Dump Trailer  Call for price  

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