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LeeBoy's equipment is designed with the paving professional in mind. LeeBoy makes asphalt pavers, motor graders, force feed loaders, tack distributors, rollers, and maintainers, providing a full range of paving equipment. LeeBoy makes pavers that are efficient, productive, and long-lasting, that work quietly and lay a good quality mat. LeeBoy knows what paving crews and owners want in their machines, and design with that in mind for equipment superbly suited to work.
 Leeboy 1000F   Leeboy 1000F   Tilt Hopper Asphalt Paver  Call for price  
 Leeboy 1200S   Leeboy 1200S   Asphalt Maintainer and Patcher  Call for price  
 Leeboy 150   Leeboy 150   Asphalt Distributor  Call for price  
 Leeboy 250   Leeboy 250   Asphalt Distributor  Call for price  
 Leeboy 3000   Leeboy 3000   Force Feed Loader  Call for price  
 Leeboy 400   Leeboy 400   Asphalt Vibratory Roller  Call for price  
 Leeboy 420   Leeboy 420   Pneumatic Roller  Call for price  
 Leeboy 500   Leeboy 500   Asphalt Distributor  Call for price  
 Leeboy 635B   Leeboy 635B   Motor Grader  Call for price  
 Leeboy 685B   Leeboy 685B   Motor Grader  Call for price  
 Leeboy 7000   Leeboy 7000   Conveyor Track Paver  Call for price  
 Leeboy 785   Leeboy 785   Motor Grader  Call for price  
 Leeboy 8500   Leeboy 8500   Conveyor Paver  Call for price  
 Leeboy 8510   Leeboy 8510   Asphalt Paver  Call for price  
 Leeboy 8515   Leeboy 8515   Conveyor Paver  Call for price  
 Leeboy 8816 B   Leeboy 8816 B   Conveyor Paver  Call for price  
 Leeboy 9000   Leeboy 9000   Rubber Tire Paver  Call for price  

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